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St. James Holiday Bakery

Pre-Thanksgiving Bake Sale

November 14th Order Deadline

November 19th Delivery Date

(Orders may be picked up between 9 & 12 Noon. We are unable to deliver.)

Please use a separate form if ordering for more than one person.

Forms may be returned by email to stjamesamecws@gmail.com or orders may be called into the church office 336-724-3865.


Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Phone Number __________________________email: ________________________

Items for Sale

Baker: Sonia P. Barbre                                     Baker: Dr. Christopher McCoy

Cakes:                                                               Cakes:

7-Up Pound Cake - $20.00                                        Chocolate Layer Cake $18.50                                                                                            

________ Number Ordered                                                  ________ Number Ordered


 Bundt Cake - $20.00                                  Coconut Cake - $18.50

________ Number Ordered                                       ________ Number Ordered


Pineapple Cake - $22.00                                                               Cobbler:

________ Number Ordered                                                         Peach $15.50

                                                                                        ________ Number Ordered


Baker: Rev. Alfred P. Evans                         Baker: Constance V.  Pearson

         Bread Pudding - $25.00                                  Cakes:                                   

_______ Number Ordered                                     7-Up Pound Cake - $18.00

________ Number Ordered


                                                                                   German Chocolate Cake - $20.00

________ Number Ordered


                                                                     Pineapple Cake - $22.00

________ Number Ordered

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